Roulette’s legal chips dwindle

It had all the usual signs of many riveting, yet unbelievably tragic, premeditated murder cases. Two young, gang-linked men, Jesse Henderson and Dennis Baptiste — mysteriously and savagely cut down in the prime… Continue reading

John Dorion, living Manitoba ‘ghost’: Where there’s life, there’s hope?

“I can’t understand why you do what you do. Especially when I hear what happens to you when you do it.” Manitoba Judge Carena Roller A couple of weeks back, the Winnipeg Free… Continue reading

Winnipeg’s child Soldiers: A grim reflection on our failings

[Update/addition: Friday, May 9: In putting this piece together, I neglected to include a city child soldier case which ranks among the worst, if not the worst, Winnipeg’s ever seen: The case of JJT,… Continue reading

Justice Sadie Bond: for the record

Presented below are the personal comments from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench’s newest Justice, Sadie Bond, from her swearing-in ceremony on Friday. Her ceremony was jointly held with Justice Vic Toews. But… Continue reading

Justice Vic Toews: For the record

Below, please find, for the record, newly minted Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Vic Toews’s complete remarks made at his swearing-in ceremony in courtroom 210 of the Law Courts Complex on May 2,… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: Charging forward

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene‘ blog.] In any jury trial, the judge’s reading of the charge and her instructions to jurors are right up there with the most important of… Continue reading

Mapping break-ins prompts bigger questions

It’s a curious, curious tale, I figure. A young (apparently) eastern European man with no criminal record or history of trouble with the law is spotted as a suspicious person inside an Elmwood apartment… Continue reading

Attempted murder: the prosecution’s uphill battle

(Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog, minor revisions for formatting and clarity)  “Ironically, had Ms. W died from the shooting it would have been easier to prove murder, because that… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: The evidence of Week 4

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog on Feb. 17, 2014. One word was changed, and a sentence about the police statement added in the intro] Two men on trial for… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: the evidence in week three

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog] Two men on trial for a brutal crime: The alleged premeditated murder of a handsome young Winnipeg man, Chad Davis, who went missing for… Continue reading