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Mapping break-ins prompts bigger questions

It’s a curious, curious tale, I figure. A young (apparently) eastern European man with no criminal record or history of trouble with the law is spotted as a suspicious person inside an Elmwood apartment… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: The evidence of Week 4

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog on Feb. 17, 2014. One word was changed, and a sentence about the police statement added in the intro] Two men on trial for… Continue reading

Falling prey to novelty: Winnipeg Police Board part ii

Lest this be perceived as a personal criticism of Winnipeg Police Board Chair Coun. Scott Fielding, it’s not. It is, however, a critique of his motion (sadly, the very first of our new… Continue reading

Some quick, sad, math

Last weekend, I wrote about chronic offender/public nuisance Perry Antoine, his release from prison and his upcoming fight with the province over the peace bond justice officials want to put him on for… Continue reading

Charges still make noise if no one’s there to hear them gather dust

It was a criminal court circumstance which triggered palpable public ire in Manitoba. A man accused of sexually molesting a girl but allowed to walk scot free without ever facing trial — apparently… Continue reading

Lulonda Flett, the map of human frailties, and where they can lead us

All it took was drunken anger and a match for a disadvantaged and unsophisticated mother of six to become Manitoba’s most recent mass killer. To look at Lulonda Flett’s case and how she… Continue reading

The injured hospital

  We’ll never know what good the $1.2 million Michelle Cadger, 49, somehow managed to pilfer from the Misericordia Health Centre over a decade might have done if it had gone to public… Continue reading

‘I never had that kind of power!’

‘I never had that kind of power!’ Pissed off at their gang pal being maced and mugged by a rival banger, five people — all relatively young — elect to get revenge. Their chosen method… Continue reading

Shawn Lamb: the record, for the record

In recent days, many have requested the publication of accused Winnipeg serial killer Shawn Lamb’s extensive record of criminal court convictions in full, given his case has raised so many questions about chronic… Continue reading

SHAWN LAMB: Where does the buck stop in Manitoba Justice?

After having a couple of days now to be immersed in the information on suspected city serial murderer Shawn Cameron Lamb, there’s still so many more questions than answers. And it’s not the… Continue reading