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Roulette’s legal chips dwindle

It had all the usual signs of many riveting, yet unbelievably tragic, premeditated murder cases. Two young, gang-linked men, Jesse Henderson and Dennis Baptiste — mysteriously and savagely cut down in the prime… Continue reading

Winnipeg’s child Soldiers: A grim reflection on our failings

[Update/addition: Friday, May 9: In putting this piece together, I neglected to include a city child soldier case which ranks among the worst, if not the worst, Winnipeg’s ever seen: The case of JJT,… Continue reading

Justice Sadie Bond: for the record

Presented below are the personal comments from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench’s newest Justice, Sadie Bond, from her swearing-in ceremony on Friday. Her ceremony was jointly held with Justice Vic Toews. But… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: Charging forward

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene‘ blog.] In any jury trial, the judge’s reading of the charge and her instructions to jurors are right up there with the most important of… Continue reading

Davis Trial: Week 1 evidence recap

[Republished without editing from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene‘ blog on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014] Two men on trial for a ghastly crime: The alleged first-degree murder of a handsome young Winnipeg man,… Continue reading

Brincheski/Tymchyshyn (Chad Davis) murder trial: The opening

2174 days ago, Chad Randall Davis vanished. That’s five years, 11 months and 13 days (Or more than three million minutes). And after all this time, the public is finally getting a look… Continue reading

Making sense of Lamb’s plea bargain: a how-to

(Re-blogged and untouched from the Winnipeg Free Press) The equation is simple. No evidence = no case. No case = no conviction. So it’s curious to me to see so much angst and questioning of the… Continue reading

Short Shots: (Nearly) disappearing repeat breachers

What to do with people who routinely breach their probation orders? It’s the question that loomed in the air in Provincial Court today as Judge Rocky Pollack dealt with an accused who had… Continue reading

Gladue: ‘the why’ in 156 words

It beguiles. It combozzles. It sometimes enrages. But the fact of the matter is this: It’s the law of the land that aboriginal offenders are to receive special consideration when being sentenced. (Note, please,… Continue reading

Guilt derived by ‘force,’ and the abolition of preliminary inquiries

“Progressive Conservative justice critic Reg Helwer said Swan could reduce the number of inmates on remand further by eliminating preliminary hearings and forcing more plea bargains. “Is it necessary to have a preliminary… Continue reading