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Roulette’s legal chips dwindle

It had all the usual signs of many riveting, yet unbelievably tragic, premeditated murder cases. Two young, gang-linked men, Jesse Henderson and Dennis Baptiste — mysteriously and savagely cut down in the prime… Continue reading

Winnipeg’s child Soldiers: A grim reflection on our failings

[Update/addition: Friday, May 9: In putting this piece together, I neglected to include a city child soldier case which ranks among the worst, if not the worst, Winnipeg’s ever seen: The case of JJT,… Continue reading

Murder most foul and we don’t care

  [EDIT: A slightly-revised version of this post appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press Sunday edition on Sept. 15. Below is the original version]. I keep wondering why more folk in the general… Continue reading

‘I never had that kind of power!’

‘I never had that kind of power!’ Pissed off at their gang pal being maced and mugged by a rival banger, five people — all relatively young — elect to get revenge. Their chosen method… Continue reading

Daniel Wolfe and the street gang ethos

If you haven’t read Joe Friesen’s article on the late Daniel Wolfe and the Indian Posse featured in Saturday’s Globe and Mail, I’d highly recommend it. It’s carefully researched, and Friesen talks to… Continue reading

Winnipeg youth crime mailbag

Recent question via email from a reader: “What ever happened to the kid who shot at the Canada Post carrier this winter?” Well, reader, glad you asked: He’s serving the last few of… Continue reading

“Some voters don’t trust you on crime”

Feature interview (and a puzzling headline) with mayoral hopeful Judy Wasylycia-Leis in today’s FP. Some interesting stuff there, but it’s odd how “the most important issue of the election” is buried 22 paragraphs… Continue reading