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Attempted murder: the prosecution’s uphill battle

(Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog, minor revisions for formatting and clarity)  “Ironically, had Ms. W died from the shooting it would have been easier to prove murder, because that… Continue reading

Natasha Moar homicide: An accounting and some questions

“See this girl she was treated like a nobody noone came to help her fight in court,not one person came forward to say hey i seen him abuse her.where was everyone fat mouths… Continue reading

Chris Campbell: Another tragic case of under-resourced mental health/criminal justice services?

While many facts remain yet to be proven or tested, it’s pretty clear something appears to have gone horribly wrong with Christopher Mackenzie Campbell. Campbell, at age 42, currently stands accused in Winnipeg’s… Continue reading

Catch and release: Notes on the Samantha Anderson homicide

What does the “supervised” in supervised probation mean in Manitoba, exactly? It’s a question churning around and around in my head today as I dug into the wealth of justice system-related background available… Continue reading

Answers needed in Malcolm domestic-violence murder case

The provincial government, Justice Minister Andrew Swan and those sitting on the provincial domestic violence Death Review Committee must turn their minds to investigating what happened to Sandi-Lynn Malcolm. Nothing short of a… Continue reading

The judge’s tirade came maybe just a bit too late

You gotta admire Provincial court Judge Fred Sandhu. At the same time, you have to pity the fact he can’t simply walk into the CBC or the offices of any other media outlet… Continue reading

The first step is admitting there’s a problem

“1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol— that our lives had become unmanageable.” -Alcoholics Anonymous, the first step of the 12-step program Wanna make Manitoba — home of the violent crime capital… Continue reading

Say hello to last year

One month before 2011 is set to begin, The Winnipeg Police Service officially releases its annual report for 2009.   Oddly, they’re also holding a press conference for reporters to discuss, ask questions… Continue reading

“Let the system do its work”

    The headline of this post is what Rose McLeod says she heard when she phoned around in an effort to get her mentally-ill husband, Joe, sprung from the Remand Centre. I… Continue reading

Media pressure and Manitoba Justice

UPDATE: there was never any peace bond. The woman applied for a protection order. The two can’t be confused in Manitoba. And, reports that she applied for one yesterday were erroneous. She just… Continue reading