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Roulette’s legal chips dwindle

It had all the usual signs of many riveting, yet unbelievably tragic, premeditated murder cases. Two young, gang-linked men, Jesse Henderson and Dennis Baptiste — mysteriously and savagely cut down in the prime… Continue reading

Justice Sadie Bond: for the record

Presented below are the personal comments from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench’s newest Justice, Sadie Bond, from her swearing-in ceremony on Friday. Her ceremony was jointly held with Justice Vic Toews. But… Continue reading

Attempted murder: the prosecution’s uphill battle

(Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog, minor revisions for formatting and clarity)  “Ironically, had Ms. W died from the shooting it would have been easier to prove murder, because that… Continue reading

Chad Davis murder trial: the evidence in week three

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog] Two men on trial for a brutal crime: The alleged premeditated murder of a handsome young Winnipeg man, Chad Davis, who went missing for… Continue reading

Making sense of Lamb’s plea bargain: a how-to

(Re-blogged and untouched from the Winnipeg Free Press) The equation is simple. No evidence = no case. No case = no conviction. So it’s curious to me to see so much angst and questioning of the… Continue reading

Gerald Crayford’s murder and the duplicity of despair

 “I knew that Gerald Crayford was a hero before his wife, children and other family members read their victim impact statements to me.  From the preliminary inquiry evidence I learned that he struggled… Continue reading

‘Reasonable Suspicion’ at the roadside? It’s the totality of the circumstances

In a way, you gotta feel kind of bad for Rhys Mitchell. In a way. Charged with drive over .08 in early 2009 , he’s now seen his case go through every level… Continue reading

Mr. Jetz: a cautionary tale on how not to apply for bail

Darrell Ackman, AKA the notorious Mr. JetzTV, wants you to know “the truth.” Those are his words, not mine. That’s straight from the former MLA hopeful’s lips today after he rejected an opportunity… Continue reading

The injured hospital

  We’ll never know what good the $1.2 million Michelle Cadger, 49, somehow managed to pilfer from the Misericordia Health Centre over a decade might have done if it had gone to public… Continue reading

“Lack of care must be serious enough to merit punishment.”

The full facts of John Casanova’s acquittal for dangerous driving in the fatality of Violet Gooding, 90, on Dec. 3, 2008 can be found here. I won’t repeat them. But it’s important to point… Continue reading