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For the record: Judge Sandhu on emergency mental-health services

I’m a big fan of provincial court Judge Fred Sandhu. While I don’t always agree with every decision he makes, I respect his willingness to put his thoughts on the record. Tuesday was no… Continue reading

The latest Crime Scene Golden Crown award

The second-ever Golden Crown, handed out to some of the best examples of Manitoba prosecutors trying to deter and denounce unlawful conduct goes to… Manitoba prosecutor Courtney St. Croix — for her handling… Continue reading

Bill C-10 and the YCJA: an important note

Sgt. Smith to teen shoplifter, by phone: ‘This is Sgt. Smith of the Winnipeg police. I understand you are being held for shoplifting. I am hereby warning you.’ Teen shoplifter: ‘Huh?’ Smith: ‘I… Continue reading

Mr. Bear goes to downtown Winnipeg

William Bear’s penchant for getting whacked out on sniff and wandering around downtown Winnipeg scaring people because of the large knife he carries in his pants likely saved his life. The irony of… Continue reading

‘THE ROADMAP’ — notes on the WPS strategic plan, part 1

Preface: It must be said from the get-go. You can’t drop a 44-page report filled with charts stats, graphs and policy goals on (most, not all) people and expect them to be able… Continue reading

Homicide and violence reduction

It’s official. Winnipeg has broken its annual record for total number of homicides following the death of a man in the downtown Saturday. That makes 35 ‘officially tallied’ killings (Criminal negligence causing death,… Continue reading

An ominous number

When Rita Cushnie showed up at the RCMP detachment nearly four years ago and was interviewed in regards to the killing of John Radocaj, she had exactly $1.87 in her purse. Over the… Continue reading

The judge’s tirade came maybe just a bit too late

You gotta admire Provincial court Judge Fred Sandhu. At the same time, you have to pity the fact he can’t simply walk into the CBC or the offices of any other media outlet… Continue reading

Required reading

I don’t often — if ever — do this. But this blog post from L.L. over at I’m on my way — destination hell, deserves a good, close read in the wake of @tombrodbeck’s… Continue reading

The other ‘Level 4’s’

Manitoba youth corrections uses a four-point scale of risk when assessing inmates — one that may confuse and confound teen car thieves who are ranked on a similar numerical scale. At the Manitoba… Continue reading