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Hot-potato girl (part three) and our measures of ‘success’

When it comes to Manitoba’s youth justice system — and the unbelievably sad kids it often has to try and “fix” — I’ve learned one should take small successes and trumpet them. And… Continue reading

Bits at the end of a long, newsy week Part 1 — Phoenix

From the stunning turns of events in Boston and Texas to, locally, the provincial budget and the government’s plan to hike of the PST as of July, it’s been a hell of a… Continue reading

‘I am not happy’ — a veteran Judge reflects on the state of courtroom 308

Are lawyers disrespecting Manitoba’s provincial court? It’s a question posed today by a frustrated veteran judge, Marvin Garfinkel (appointed in December 1979) as he juggled cases in Courtroom 308 at the law courts… Continue reading

Catch and release: Notes on the Samantha Anderson homicide

What does the “supervised” in supervised probation mean in Manitoba, exactly? It’s a question churning around and around in my head today as I dug into the wealth of justice system-related background available… Continue reading

Court of Appeal to Manitoba Corrections: Gladue ‘lip service’ comes at a cost

A single sentence buried deep in a lengthy written decision from Manitoba’s Court of Appeal contains the words many in the city’s legal community — including, no doubt, many judges — have been… Continue reading

‘Your Honour, I implore you, don’t let this all be for nothing’

Many times in our justice system, the aftershocks of criminal violence go unreported and are therefore can be under-appreciated for their gravity. Presented below — verbatim to the best of my ability —… Continue reading

Kines heading back for new murder trial: The Court of Appeal’s reasons

Manitoba’s top court issued reasons Wednesday on why it sent accused killer Jason Allen Kines back to trial on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault and sexual interference in connection to the death of… Continue reading

Answers needed in Malcolm domestic-violence murder case

The provincial government, Justice Minister Andrew Swan and those sitting on the provincial domestic violence Death Review Committee must turn their minds to investigating what happened to Sandi-Lynn Malcolm. Nothing short of a… Continue reading

Winnipeg: a favorite hub for fraudsters?

Why Winnipeg? That’s the question that kept coming to my mind during Ben Harvey-Langton’s sentencing hearing today in provincial court. The largest credit card fraud operation ever uncovered in Manitoba’s history. (Link is to… Continue reading

Downtown Winnipeg: Personality sketches iii

This is the third in a series of sporadic reports about criminally-involved people who habitually inhabit and wander downtown Winnipeg. There’s a lot more to them and their lives than I’d bet most… Continue reading