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‘What the public doesn’t hear about’ project Week III

Oh, what a week it’s been. Monday [PUBLIC HOLIDAY, COURTS CLOSED] – No Briefing. Media were e-mailed a notification that sex offender Winston George Thomas was slated for release and due to take… Continue reading

A disaster waiting to happen

Mike Allan’s death this weekend was brutal and tragic. It was also not his fault. He didn’t know what he was up against. It’s been an odd day, digging into the background of… Continue reading

Tiny memorial

Walking by Bar Italia at Cockburn and Corydon a few minutes ago and noticed a small, unadorned memorial for Gary Rent has been erected by a mysterious someone. Rent died last week after… Continue reading

‘Rape’ not returning to Criminal Code

On a slow holiday Monday, the Globe and Mail/Canadian Press is reporting on the short life and quick death of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s request to return the charge of ‘rape’ to… Continue reading

Homicide in Lord Roberts II

You can read about what happened to Mike Allan here, so I won’t recount the CBC News story. But I wanted to point out something that I’m sure will be the subject of… Continue reading

Homicide in Lord Roberts

Police remain on scene outside a Nassau Street South home after a man in his 60’s was killed, according to police. The suspect in the case apparently left the house and proceeded to… Continue reading

Conrad Black’s back; Morneau appeals

And Black’s op-ed in today’s National Post is a must-read. “It had been an interesting experience, from which I developed a much greater practical knowledge than I had ever had before of those… Continue reading

What the public doesn’t hear, week 2

Latest instalment of the ongoing effort to document the number and type arrests of quote-unquote ‘normal’ suspects made by police on a daily basis. Note: Breaches of court-orders or release conditions are now… Continue reading

Tone versus context

Is it just me or is there something odd about the tone of CTV Winnipeg’s 6 p.m. report on a bust of the HA clubhouse on Thursday? What’s the gag and why the smiling? Did… Continue reading

What a puppy’s life is worth

Kevin is an OxyContin addict. He’s a father to two kids who says, after his girlfriend upped and left him because of the drugs in January, he turned to shoplifting to feed his… Continue reading