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Chad Davis murder trial: The evidence in week two

[Reblogged from the Winnipeg Free Press ‘Crime Scene’ blog, additional exhibit photos are there.] Two men on trial for a ghastly crime: The alleged first-degree murder of a handsome young Winnipeg man, Chad… Continue reading

Murder most foul and we don’t care

  [EDIT: A slightly-revised version of this post appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press Sunday edition on Sept. 15. Below is the original version]. I keep wondering why more folk in the general… Continue reading

Manitoba Justice: Proof that the system works

  Good news stories out of Manitoba’s criminal courts can be few and far between, if media reports and public sentiment are any indication. But it’s easy to lose sight sometimes that mixed… Continue reading

‘I am not happy’ — a veteran Judge reflects on the state of courtroom 308

Are lawyers disrespecting Manitoba’s provincial court? It’s a question posed today by a frustrated veteran judge, Marvin Garfinkel (appointed in December 1979) as he juggled cases in Courtroom 308 at the law courts… Continue reading

Catch and release: Notes on the Samantha Anderson homicide

What does the “supervised” in supervised probation mean in Manitoba, exactly? It’s a question churning around and around in my head today as I dug into the wealth of justice system-related background available… Continue reading

Court of Appeal to Manitoba Corrections: Gladue ‘lip service’ comes at a cost

A single sentence buried deep in a lengthy written decision from Manitoba’s Court of Appeal contains the words many in the city’s legal community — including, no doubt, many judges — have been… Continue reading

Shawn Lamb: the record, for the record

In recent days, many have requested the publication of accused Winnipeg serial killer Shawn Lamb’s extensive record of criminal court convictions in full, given his case has raised so many questions about chronic… Continue reading

Accused serial killer Shawn Lamb and ‘the pain of being a rabbit’

Accused serial killer Shawn Lamb didn’t want to talk to me today, instead referring me to his lawyer, Evan Roitenberg through a very polite officer at the Winnipeg Remand Centre. Roitenberg, always a… Continue reading

Why was Shawn Lamb out of jail?

  Looking at the math, either I’m missing something about the recent release date of accused serial killer Shawn Lamb, or we need to seriously re-examine the early-release provisions regarding career criminals. Today,… Continue reading

‘We’re treating your body as a crime scene’ — Laporte trial notebook 2

Editor’s note: This post contains foul language.  “We’re treating your body as a crime scene.” That’s what Peter Laporte was told while cuffed and being held at bay by three police officers in… Continue reading