Reliving unnecessary horror, or why McKay’s sons should not have been called

“I hear you when you say your family’s broken … what this has done to you.“ — Commissioner Ted Hughes There was absolutely no need for the Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry staff to put… Continue reading

Bits at the end of a long, newsy week Part 1 — Phoenix

From the stunning turns of events in Boston and Texas to, locally, the provincial budget and the government’s plan to hike of the PST as of July, it’s been a hell of a… Continue reading

Chris Campbell: Another tragic case of under-resourced mental health/criminal justice services?

While many facts remain yet to be proven or tested, it’s pretty clear something appears to have gone horribly wrong with Christopher Mackenzie Campbell. Campbell, at age 42, currently stands accused in Winnipeg’s… Continue reading

Nigel Dixon homicide; the atmosphere in which it happened

Why? It’s the question which routinely gnaws at most acts of horrific violence anywhere, and one police investigators and prosecutors often foist themselves on while trying to resolve cases, make arrests and bring… Continue reading

Manitoba Justice: Proof that the system works

  Good news stories out of Manitoba’s criminal courts can be few and far between, if media reports and public sentiment are any indication. But it’s easy to lose sight sometimes that mixed… Continue reading

A further example of youth jails as child-welfare warehouses, or the girl who became a hot potato PART II

 “It’s not recommended. It’s not a polite term. It’s not a recommendation —  It’s an order!” — Provincial Court Judge Marvin Garfinkel Last Thursday, I wrote about this girl (do read before continuing further)… Continue reading

A further example of youth jails as child-welfare warehouses, or the girl who became a hot potato

As a golden rule, Canada’s youth criminal justice system is not to be used as a substitute for the child-welfare system. But it happens. And it happens here in Manitoba. And it happens… Continue reading

Earned Parole: its time is now

“… The typical offender tends to have a history of substance abuse, a previous criminal history, a previous negative correctional history (escape, segregation, revocation of parole), low program completion rates and higher levels of… Continue reading

‘I am not happy’ — a veteran Judge reflects on the state of courtroom 308

Are lawyers disrespecting Manitoba’s provincial court? It’s a question posed today by a frustrated veteran judge, Marvin Garfinkel (appointed in December 1979) as he juggled cases in Courtroom 308 at the law courts… Continue reading

“There is no damned degree that will ever teach you humanity.” A dialogue on CFS

People. From all walks of life. In one room. Talking about Child and Family Services in Manitoba. Setting aside the fact Sunday’s meeting of minds at the River Heights Community Centre was sponsored… Continue reading