Child-protection “a safety net, not a drag net” Queensland child-welfare a Manitoba mirror

As players in Manitoba’s Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry prepare to return to hearings later this month to present their final submissions to Commissioner Ted Hughes, a sweeping review of child-protection in the Australian state… Continue reading

Charges still make noise if no one’s there to hear them gather dust

It was a criminal court circumstance which triggered palpable public ire in Manitoba. A man accused of sexually molesting a girl but allowed to walk scot free without ever facing trial — apparently… Continue reading

1 Chart: plotting a sad cyclical course

IA = Income Assistance received by youth’s family CFS = Child and Family Services involvement Teen Mom = Youth born to a teen mom Full report here. Worthy Reading. [The solution, you ask?… Continue reading

Dope-dealing kids and perpetuating the false promise of gang life

When an adult gets pinched for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, he’s more than likely envisioning prison time as the picture of what his future will look like, for better… Continue reading

‘Reasonable Suspicion’ at the roadside? It’s the totality of the circumstances

In a way, you gotta feel kind of bad for Rhys Mitchell. In a way. Charged with drive over .08 in early 2009 , he’s now seen his case go through every level… Continue reading

Mr. Jetz: a cautionary tale on how not to apply for bail

Darrell Ackman, AKA the notorious Mr. JetzTV, wants you to know “the truth.” Those are his words, not mine. That’s straight from the former MLA hopeful’s lips today after he rejected an opportunity… Continue reading

Weekend must-reads

Tons and tons of great material to read and think about this gloomy morning: Gargantuan Globe and Mail investigative piece on the Ford family — 18 months in the making. Measured Toronto Sun… Continue reading

Natasha Moar homicide: An accounting and some questions

“See this girl she was treated like a nobody noone came to help her fight in court,not one person came forward to say hey i seen him abuse her.where was everyone fat mouths… Continue reading

Lulonda Flett, the map of human frailties, and where they can lead us

All it took was drunken anger and a match for a disadvantaged and unsophisticated mother of six to become Manitoba’s most recent mass killer. To look at Lulonda Flett’s case and how she… Continue reading

Phoenix in hindsight: Two Reviews

  Not a ton to say today, but simply wanted to alert PSI followers to the fact the good folks on the inquiry staff have put into the public record in full a… Continue reading