Unpublic risk

So, in a small community in Manitoba, as many as five men allegedly drug and gang rape a 14-year-old girl and then escape in a stolen jeep. And the RCMP say nothing. Kudos… Continue reading

Punk deluxe – let’s call him Junior

A week-long crime spree in the North End of Winnipeg. Three shootings. One man injured. A raid of a “family home” on Boyd Avenue, netting at least two guns, one of which was… Continue reading

Stuff from Wednesday, June 16

Two officers face obstruction trial This case is gonna get really interesting. Man accused of abandoning kittens Veteran Winnipeg lawyer dodges disbarment Glad to see Dave will still be allowed… Continue reading

Truth and Rec

A commenter on the CBC Manitoba website regarding the now-ongoing Truth and Reconciliation Commission kind of gets to the heart of the matter: “… My father went to residential school where he was… Continue reading