Turner story: Disgraced doctor exploited vulnerable patient

  CBC News – Manitoba – Disgraced doctor exploited vulnerable patient. Advertisements

The reality

To anyone who says that crime in Winnipeg is down or dropping, Look closely at this man, who was attacked and bear-sprayed on Selkirk Avenue Thursday morning. Think he’d believe you? H/T to… Continue reading

City admits problem with downtown boozing

As referenced my post from earlier today – about the plans from CentreVenure for a “four district model” of a revitalized downtown – the agency (and therefore the city) finally makes a tacit… Continue reading

Licencing Mayhem

It was more than a year ago that I wrote about how business owners on the north east section of Portage Avenue felt as if the MLCC – Manitoba’s liquor commission – were… Continue reading

This is serious

CBC News – Calgary – Police recruiting axed amid uncertain budget. The city that has come to Winnipeg for the last several years to poach potential candidates for their police force is having… Continue reading

The Swoop

So the WPS appears to be headed from blue and white to black and white. According to former dep. chief Menno Zacharias, the Winnipeg force is soliciting opinions from officers about their preference… Continue reading

OR vs. Marty Gold

So the dispute over the newly-minted Orange Rod blog and Marty Gold grows, with John Dobbin weighing in on the likelihood of a true NDP staffer being behind the new site. Marty himself… Continue reading

Sunday afternoon

While many Winnipeggers relax at the lake on a blazingly hot weekend, our city police force has been doing anything but. From 12:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. there had been: Three confirmed stabbings – one… Continue reading

Orange you glad?

Just wanted to point out there’s a new blog in town. Everyone in the Winnipeg media reads The Black Rod blog. It’s good for a laugh and more often than not actually thought-provoking… Continue reading

Long weekends

Just wanted to point out that the Winnipeg Police Service’s public information office has been closed two [hot summer city] weekends in a row. Makes me think the guy who once wanted to… Continue reading