Murder most foul and we don’t care

  [EDIT: A slightly-revised version of this post appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press Sunday edition on Sept. 15. Below is the original version]. I keep wondering why more folk in the general… Continue reading

Falling prey to novelty: Winnipeg Police Board part ii

Lest this be perceived as a personal criticism of Winnipeg Police Board Chair Coun. Scott Fielding, it’s not. It is, however, a critique of his motion (sadly, the very first of our new… Continue reading

Your Winnipeg Police Board, part 1

Winnipeg’s shiny new police board met at city hall today, for what really was its first substantive gathering. This post is the first of two just noting a few things that likely won’t… Continue reading

Some quick, sad, math

Last weekend, I wrote about chronic offender/public nuisance Perry Antoine, his release from prison and his upcoming fight with the province over the peace bond justice officials want to put him on for… Continue reading

Sinclair Inquest: (un)Moving pictures

Just a quick update to the missing hospital camera footage situation, which raised a lot of eyebrows and questions. While my other duties have prevented me from delving further into this myself, many… Continue reading

Sinclair Inquest: Missing ER footage stretches logic

Maybe it’s the residual skepticism in me over the Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry debacle surrounding  missing and/or shredded supervisor’s notes from the murdered little girl’s CFS involvement. But when I read tonight that six… Continue reading

A quick one, while he’s away

Hey folks, Sorry for the long lapse in posting. A job switch (randomly-selected tales from the last two weeks here, here and here)  — and other matters have resulted in the neglect of… Continue reading

CFS: Communication breakdown

A Winnipeg man, 40, gets pinched for luring a child on the internet in a covert sting. The “girl” on the other end of his explicit and concerning chats is actually an undercover… Continue reading

Gerald Crayford’s murder and the duplicity of despair

 “I knew that Gerald Crayford was a hero before his wife, children and other family members read their victim impact statements to me.  From the preliminary inquiry evidence I learned that he struggled… Continue reading

Hot-potato girl (part three) and our measures of ‘success’

When it comes to Manitoba’s youth justice system — and the unbelievably sad kids it often has to try and “fix” — I’ve learned one should take small successes and trumpet them. And… Continue reading