Winnipeg crime reporters, take note:

Tamara King appears to have joined the Winnipeg Sun as their new crime reporter in the wake of Chris Kitching’s departure.

Best be on your guard!


It now occurs to me that virtually every major media outlet in Winnipeg now boasts a woman as their front-line police reporter.

With King at the Sun, there’s Gabrielle Giroday at the Freep, Stacey Ashley at CTV and Gosia Sawicka at CBC. One supposes with the great work she’s done regarding the Winnipeg police at Shaw, Meera Bahadoosingh should also be counted.

That really leaves only Mike McIntyre at the Freep and Jeff Keele at Global [unsure if he’s labeled a ‘crime reporter,’ but he’s got the background] as the guys on the crime beat, and Mike, like Dean Pritchard from the Sun, is way more court-oriented than a police beat guy.

Interesting times.