Winnipeg impaired driving arrests, by location

Couple of notes:

  • Suspects typically are not identified until they make their first court appearance. Most are suspended at the roadside and then issued an offence notice to show up at 408 York on a specific day. Police are promising to release the names once they’re charged.
  • Impaired driving arrests make defence lawyers happy. The vast majority of their clients have cash — or at least more means than the average criminal — to pay for representation. Given the heartbreak a DUI conviction can have on one’s relationship with MPI, a lot of people will fight tooth and nail to avoid owning up.
  • Drunk driving cases continue to contain probably some of the most thorny and complex legal issues. Virtually everything officers do from the moment they pull you over will be pulled apart, scrutinized, disputed and contended by lawyers should the case proceed to trial.
  • Always keep in mind: Drunk drivers are as prevalent as the service makes officers available to catch them, so there’s likely a heck of a lot more than they’re catching. Be safe out there.
  • Shame is widely under-used as a deterrent by police, who sanitize every official statement they make. The annual Checkstop program, and the releasing of accuseds’ names is a deviation from that.