Fort Rouge Yards Master Plan

(City of Winnipeg/Gem Equities/Lexington/White Architecture)

The city has tabled the master planning document for the Fort Rouge Yards [Lord Roberts area] Transit-oriented-development.

Complete document is here: FRY-planning.pdf

According to the developers, the plan — if approved by four levels of civic oversight — would see the following happen:

The development will be built in three phases:

  1. Phase 1 – townhouses (construction expected to begin in 2011)
  2. Phase 2 – mid-rise apartments and condominiums (2012-14)
  3. Phase 3 – high-rise apartments and condominiums (2013-15)

Personally, if the development does anything to bring a wine and cheese store to the area that I can stagger to, I’m all for it.

Anyhow— goes before city centre committee on Tuesday, then must be approved by public works, EPC and then council as a whole at subsequent dates.

Be interesting to see who’s paying attention, and what issues get raised along its path to likely approval.

Not to say it hasn’t been without at least some measure of controversy.

It was also the first I had heard of Gem Equities involvement — and I admittedly haven’t been paying too much attention — as a developer for the land they swapped with the city for the rapid transit line.

But, as I learned through the Google, the company had already voiced plans to redevelop the land for housing way back in 2008.


At least it’s not another suburb on the southern outskirts.

[UPDATE] This document contains the Strategic Economic Agreement with the developer, the bylaw amendment proposals and “rules” of the amendments, along with studies about the effect the high-rises will have on the area in terms of vista and shadow creep.

It also provides a look into a the future, which is interesting:

(City of Winnipeg)

(City of Winnipeg)

(City of Winnipeg)

(City of Winnipeg)