Obviously, you do.

Just received a comment from a person re: recent posts about ‘the picture.’

It was sent anonymously, but from a City of Winnipeg computer.

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The well-thought-out comment: “Who cares?!?!”

Well, who does care?

Should anybody care that the Mayor’s reelection team feels it appropriate to use the police chief’s image in Katz campaign literature and give people the direct impression the chief is a Katz-booster?

Most everybody in the public likes the current police chief, so by virtue of that, they’d probably like Katz for Mayor, too. To me, that’s one thing the image — in that context — implies.

It also suggests that the police service is not, as we’re often told, operating independently of political pressure or influence.

That’s a huge can of worms if you just think about it for a minute or two.

Also, no one asked McCaskill’s permission to use the picture, either, according to him.

Katz’s reelection team just went ahead and used it when designing the website.

We should care about that.

Some people have said to me: well, what about Chomiak’s presence in the same photo?

The former justice minister is a politician, like the mayor. He serves at the will of the public.

The police chief is not. He’s a civil servant, but arguably one of the most powerful people in the province.

Who wouldn’t want to have the chief on-side come election time?

Mostly, the optics of this stink.

That, my dear commenter, is why we should care.